Warranty Policy

Outdoor Living does not warranty; any of the items sold in the store. We honor the manufacturer’s warranties and will help you start the process. Warranty claims are managed in-store by Our Warranty Department. If you are not a previous Outdoor Living customer, we strongly recommend you follow-up with the retailer/vendor of your original purchase first before going through our Warranty Department. If this is not possible, we are more than happy to help you get your claim through to the manufacturer. Items required for claims:


1.      Copy or scan of Original Sales Order / Invoice. The manufacturer will reject any other documents.

2.      Photographic Evidence of the damage. 

3.      Plus, pertinent information that is relevant to the claim.

4.      Submit all information below


After submitting your request through our Warranty Department, we will follow up within ten business days of receipt on your claim’s current status. Please note that manufacturers’ claims may take additional time to process during certain times of the year. Please know we will do everything in our power to facilitate the processing of claims. However, all products are warranted through the manufacturer, and Outdoor living provides assistance in claim processing, and we assume no liability for product warranty. We don’t tolerate hostilities, “strong-arming,” or other malicious transgressions.