October Backyard of the Month

With so many great backyards Outdoor Living is excited to announce Tawni & Ben Shakespear as our October Backyard of the Month!


Looking forward to coming out for a visit and seeing the beautiful new backyard furniture they chose. The Shakespeares’ told us how they wanted it to be more of a family hangout spot, where everyone could come together and enjoy themselves.


We picked up comfortable and durable couch tables and chairs that would help give color to the space and provide comfort. Outdoor Living had such a great time coming out to experience the wonderful space the Shakesperes family has created. We are so thankful to Tawni & Ben for the precious time we spent with them.

Every month we share our backyard of the month story and photos in which we also review the products to help our new visitors to understand our quality material and well-organized staff. So let’s start our October backyard of the month story.

Take a Look at Their Comfortable Luxurious Backyard!

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O.W. Lee Monterra Club Swivel Rocker Dining Arm Chairs

The Swivel Rocker Dining Chair by O.W Lee is a true example of simple elegance with its hand-hammered detailing, curved back, and arm cushions that embrace you for comfort, tufting. On the seat, the cushion is adding an extra layer of softness to this classic outdoor furniture design.”

The artisan-style craftsmanship can be seen in every detail, from wrought iron construction materials used carefully. Material durability adds beauty through subtleties like textures or color variations. Each weldment pattern still providing sturdy support when sitting down at party.

The new Luxurious Motion-Based Dining Chair is the most comfortable, luxurious chair on your table. Including both side to side and back and forth motion for rocking relaxation. This deep seat cushioned dining armchair offers you an extra cozy spot at all times.

The high-quality steel frame ensures that it will last long enough, so when guests need their own space, they can take one of these homes with them too (don’t worry, we’ll make sure there’s plenty available). Whether used as head seating or just leaving out like any other item from our selection, enjoy hours lost within its soft embrace while keeping tabs on what everyone eats.

Telescope Porch Swing

A porch swing is a cozy place to sit and watch as you sip on your favorite beverage. The best part about them? They’re infinitely adjustable, meaning one person can quickly take over for another who needs some rest or wants more space. 

The Porch Swing Back Cushion is a great way to take your backyard fun indoors. Made with water-resistant outdoor polyester fabric, it’s perfect for use on either the patio or poolside. The recycled material will keep your cushion well into next summer – so much longer than other fabrics could even hope to last. 

And because its fiberfill, can be spot cleaned using mild detergent and cool water (or hand washed). There are never any worries about leaving this outside long enough that dirt might accumulate within its seams over time.

You’ll never regret adding this classic accessory into your home today so head out there with me – we have an entire selection of swings available in every color imaginable right now.”

In addition, This cushion will protect against sun damage and leaks that could occur due to inclement weather conditions or spills inside the house. With its soft, breathable material, you can sit back with friends on it all year round without worrying about getting too hot in summertime heat. While having enough warmth during winter months when sitting outside with family members around Christmas time, etc. 

Lane Venture Requisite Swivel Glider Lounge Chair

The soothing sound of rain on leaves, combined with gentle breezes and the twinkling stars above, is all you need for an evening’s rest. With our Requisite swivel armchair, your cares will slip away as soon as they’re nestled into these welcoming arms. 

The armchair is made out of sturdy double-wall construction in an elegant basketweave pattern that looks great anywhere from a modern home style up to traditional rustic decorator appeal.

The Requisite swivel chair is perfect for those looking to relax and take their mind off of work. With its sturdy double-wall construction, you’ll enjoy the luxurious deep seating comfort; provided by this armless designer lounge chair that comes in two finishes: Macchiato (a rich Brown) or Bone (which has light gray undertones). 

The lush outdoor cushion provides an elegant toe stand on your porch or patio while providing support where needed; with a dual-layer synthetic fiber weave over a powder-coated aluminum frame.

The Requisite Collection is a classy, traditional-inspired line that will be sure to please. With its weather-resistant materials and motion swivel base design, the Transitional Frame by Weatherproof Furniture prove durable in any environment with its easy care fiber construction for removal or replacement cushions available on site.

Woodard Andover Recliner

For the ultimate in relaxation, try out this Andover Gliding Loveseat. This loveseat features an adjustable headrest and foot stretcher for maximum comfort as you lay back to watch your favorite show or read about new recipes.

The sleek black design will look great anywhere from a bedroom all the way downstairs, where space is limited, but the style must go on. Because it packs so much punch with its modern curves, then tapers into minimalistic lines. 

When necessary, it creates both sophisticated elegances while remaining lightweight. Despite carrying such power behind every snuggly nook that awaits guests’ feet upon arrival.

Andover Gliding Loveseat is the perfect outdoor furniture for your patio or deck. The aluminum material provides durability and is lightweight, so you can easily transport it anywhere without worrying about breaking a sweat. While still providing extreme

Lane Venture Sectional

It’s time to enjoy the great outdoors! This impressive piece is perfect for poolside lounging or backyard parties and can be easily moved inside when needed without sacrificing any comfort or convenience features.

This outdoor sofa set includes everything you need for your home. It’s easy to put together and perfect in any weather. The cushions are durable and can withstand anything mother nature throws at them; while maintaining their original color after years of use; they’re also comfortable enough so guests won’t want to leave anytime soon!

Last Few Words

One of the many reasons people love to work at our company is to create a unique backyard or porch design for every client. We want each project, no matter how large it may be, with all its small details put together in one place. Lastly thank you so much to the Shakespeare family for letting us be a part of their beautiful home!