Here’s why Frankford Sunbrellas are a perfect fit for your Southern Utah home.

Frankford has primarily been known for providing hotels, resorts, and restaurants with durable and long-lasting umbrellas. They are now broadening their horizons by offering their high-quality umbrellas to residential homes.

Frankford is made with only the best materials and has been in business for over 120 years! These umbrellas are built to withstand the harshest conditions, a well-known issue for residents here in the Southern Utah area. 

While it is easy to say built to last, proving it is what really matters. What makes Frankford Umbrellas a great option for your backyard space?

When building anything you want to start with good bones. A key feature is the fiberglass ribs that allow the frame to bend and flex easily in windy conditions. The durable aluminum center pole is strong and ensures you that it will be standing for years to come. The maintenance-free resin and stainless steel parts ensure that the umbrella is not only strong but it’s designed for style and luxury too.  

Precisely crafted, these umbrellas are built to withstand the harshest conditions. The marine-grade fabric used is guaranteed not to fade over time, won’t stretch or sag, and is resistant to mold and mildew. The umbrellas have all been tested to withstand at least 25MPH winds, with some models engineered to withstand 50-60MPH winds. These umbrellas also back up what they say about durability and longevity by offering strong warranties to protect your purchase.

There are a handful of crank options available. Like the heavy gauge pulley system, sturdy crank non-tilting, or industry-best crank auto tilt. If those words were a jumbled mess and made you a little anxious don’t worry. Come visit our showroom and have one of our team members help you understand how each one works and find what option you like best. It all comes down to personal preference. 


What about Fabrics?

Frankford uses a specially crafted fabric called RECacril. They are treated with a special technological process to ensure the lasting quality of the fabric. In this process nanoparticles completely cover the surface of the fibers in the fabric, forming a permanent coat. 

After treatment, both the surface and the inside of the fabric are permanently protected against dirt build-up, and adverse effects of a wide variety of atmospheric agents. The low reactivity and high stability of the infinity treatment endows long-term protection to the fabric, especially against mildew, and provides excellent water and oil repellency.  

These marine-grade fabrics are made from the best raw materials and offer excellent protection against UV-light and abrasion. 

With a variety of fabric colors, base finishes, and mount style options. These umbrellas are guaranteed to fit your style and become a cohesive part of your backyard/patio design.

How to select an umbrella for your home in 5 easy steps.


  1. Choosing the right umbrella for your needs depends on how you design and utilize your space. If your space is open or receives sun all day long, consider a Greenwich giant market umbrella. Offered in a 10’ and 13’ foot octagon, square and rectangle these umbrellas provide maximum shade. 
  2. If you need to reposition your shade, choose an Eclipse® or Aurora cantilever umbrella. With an offset mast, the cantilever umbrellas provide 360˚ rotation and Infinity Tilt to provide the perfect amount of shade for any situation. Or if your space is limited, consider a Monterey market umbrella with a crank lift and auto-tilt, or a Catalina patio umbrella with 60˚ tilt. 
  3. Find the pattern that best fits your outdoor living space. Frankford offers hundreds of fabric options and various frame finishes so you can design the perfect umbrella to enhance the design and style of your outdoor oasis.
  4. Visit Outdoor Living to test all these features, touch the fabrics, and work with our in house designers to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want. 
  5. Sit back and let us deliver and install the umbrella and any other pieces you have purchased leaving one thing left for you to do. Relax.  

Why choose Frankford?

For over 120 years, Frankford Umbrellas believes in providing an exceptional product, at a reasonable price, with superior customer service.


Frankford umbrellas are built to last and offer industry-best construction and options


A sleek, modern design is paramount in creating your outdoor vision


Built to provide years of backyard enjoyment


We stock marine-grade 9 oz. fabric that is easy to clean, resistant to mold and mildew, that will not sag or stretch over time


With mobile bases and replaceable canopies, enjoy flexibility in location and color


Featuring durable marine-grade components, our umbrellas are ideal for all outdoor environments


Trust the umbrellas that are chosen by luxury resorts and hotels around the world to elevate your outdoor experience

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