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We are a company that focuses on quality over quantity, and we are confident in our products and proud to say they are American made. In fact, many of our metal pieces are hand forged! Talk about old school. 

Let’s dive a little deeper into some of our top selling brands and what makes them so special.

OW Lee is the perfect example to start this topic. They are a family ran business originally based out of California and currently in the process of moving facilities to Texas. They have certainly been a big hit here in Southern Utah for many of our customers. 

The About OW Lee section of their website says this.

“For over 65 years, OW Lee has been dedicated to the design & production of fine, handcrafted casual furniture. From their 157,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Ontario, California, artisans combine centuries-old techniques with state-of-the-art equipment to produce beautiful casual furniture.”

You can truly see the difference and the time that is put into each piece! 

The OW Lee Company uses only the highest-quality materials in the production of their furniture. Carbon steel, galvanized steel, and 6061 alloy aluminum are meticulously chosen for superior strength as well as rust and corrosion resistance.

Materials are individually measured and precision-cut to ensure a smooth and accurate fit. Steel and aluminum pieces are bent into exact shapes and then hand-forged with a hammer and anvil, a process unchanged since blacksmiths in the Middle Ages.

A full circumference weld is applied wherever metal components intersect. This eliminates the possibility of moisture entering the interior of tubing or in a crevice, a process that guards against rust and corrosion. All welds are then ground and sanded to create a seamless transition from one component to another.

Our customers have said time and time again how much they enjoy their furniture and knowing that it is hand forged is pretty incredible. They have also spoke about how well their pieces have held up in the St. George heat and Southern Utah desert climate. 

What our Customer Love about OW Lee


The frames are blasted with tiny steel particles to remove dirt and oil from the manufacturing process, which is then followed by a five-step wash and chemical treatment to create the optimum surface for the final finish.


A hand-applied, zinc-rich epoxy primer is used to create a protective undercoat against oxidation. This prevents rust from spreading and helps to protect the final finish. The top coating of durable polyurethane powder is also hand-applied and then oven-cured to ensure a long-lasting finish.


Along with the handcrafted frames, the highest-quality outdoor fabrics are used to create custom-tailored cushions that follow the lines of the collection and fit each piece of furniture perfectly.

Since 1947 OW Lee has gained an award winning reputation not only for beautiful handcrafted casual furniture but also for the durable quality of its products. This provides a significant contribution to sustainability and the protection of our environment.

OW Lee has always been respectful of the natural resources used in handcrafting outdoor furniture. The quality of the product, in and of itself, makes it highly sustainable as it can be refinished and used for generations. 

OW Lee is a prime example of American Made and the quality that comes with it. If you live in the Southern Utah, Nevada, or even northern Utah area we can deliver OW Lee right to you.


Homecrest began its life as a furniture shop in Wadena, Minn. in 1953, when founders Mert Bottemiller and Al Engelemann set out to build a better product than their vendors could supply. 

They soon expanded their business into manufacturing with a growing line of both indoor and outdoor patio furniture. Homecrest outdoor furniture combines a rich history of quality and classic design with today’s demand for luxury and versatile living. 

Homecrest’s focus has broadened to encompass the increasing demands of sophisticated, style-driven consumers seeking to complement their homes’ interior designs and create a seamless flow between indoors and out. Many of our Utah and Nevada customers love having the ability to create an outdoor living space that matches the rest of their exquisite home. 

Homecrest has now grown with a stream of new collections, products and innovations including: self-adjusting chaises, swivel rocker recliners and chaises, gliders, padded slings and technically innovative fabrics, very low maintenance aluminum mesh, and the popular Comfort Recliner.

In addition to being one of the first outdoor patio furniture manufacturers in the United States, the company was also the first outdoor furniture manufacturer to use Sunbrella fabrics on outdoor furniture. A popular choice for defending the heat in St. George and surrounding areas. 

Specializing in modern furniture with contemporary and traditional designs, Homecrest has been one of the standard bearers for the casual furniture industry for over 60 years. Manufactured in Wadena, Minnesota, the brand’s signature style is a popular choice for many of our clients, and designers. 

If you need help choosing the best materials for your Homecrest patio furniture, visit us today right off of Bluff Street in St. George. 


Telescope Casual has been producing quality, American-made outdoor patio furniture for over a century. They have found new ways to make their products stronger and more durable. 

One way they have achieved this is by using a MGP (marine grade polymer). MGP is extremely durable and holds up very well in the southern Utah area, as well as the colder northern Utah area. 

Their product line includes wicker, aluminum, cast aluminum, and resin furniture. The products feature the highest quality of any porch and patio furniture or accessories in the industry. 

Telescope is proud to have earned the reputation of having the best customer service, the fastest delivery, and the best quality products in the industry. 

The future for Telescope will be reminiscent of the first 109 years. Telescope remains committed to being an industry pioneer by introducing new innovations and products while preserving its well-deserved reputation for the highest quality and unsurpassed customer service.

Telescope is certainly a favorite in our showroom and their pieces are a great choice for any Utah Outdoor Living space. 


Tropitone was founded in 1954 by a retired Lockheed Aircraft engineer in Sarasota FL. They began business by working with hotels, motels, clubs and resorts with high performing outdoor patio furniture. 

In the 60’s Tropitone introduced powder coated aluminum finishes to the industry breaking away from the standard wood materials used. This allowed the product to last longer and they could now utilise a wider range of colors and metallic finishes. This same technique is used today. However, the materials have advanced and the finishes are lasting even longer for customers in the desert climate here in Southern Utah and Northern Nevada. 

By the 80’s tropitone was a full swing outdoor patio furniture company. They began utilizing designer fabric for that luxury feel. They also began releasing more pattern and color options and have been doing the same over time. We now carry thousands of different materials giving you the freedom to choose the pattern, feel, durability, and overall style. 

Modern-day Tropitone includes the popular line, Brown Jordan. Here in St. George Brown Jordan is a popular choice as well as the other lines made available by Tropitone. They are simply built to last with no sacrifice on style.


We are grateful to carry a wide range of American Made products that are built to last and personalized to exceed customer expectations. These are only a couple of American made products that we carry and we would love to show you the quality that they offer. 

If you are looking for patio furniture that is built to last and fight against the Southern Utah heat look no further than what is offered at Outdoor Living. “Where Luxury meets the Outdoors.” 

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